Playing The Pocket Jacks To Your Advantage

Following this post A33asin on how best to play a pair of jacks pre flop in a tight aggressive style I decided that rather than post the answer I would actually write a proper answer on this because Jacks have recently got a not so good reputation and I personally believe they are still a good hand and if used correctly they can be a great hand….So here is my article on how to sucessfully play on gambling software platform.

Unfairly or not, pocket jacks have gotten a pretty bad rap in the poker world. Along with 9s and 10s, pocket jacks are some of the most unwanted hands around. JJ has even warranted the unflattering name of death hand.

Nevertheless, JJ can be quite an effective hand in a wide variety of positions. While definitely not premium hands by any means, JJ can still be used to great effect and can even win you some respectable pots provided you know how to play them right.

JJ can be a particularly strong hand in No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, although a fair amount of knowledge of the mathematics behind the game is essential in formulating the proper strategy to employ. When you are dealt JJ, keep in mind that pre-flop, only 3 hands can possibly beat yours. These are AA, KK, and QQ. These 3 higher pairs will beat out your hand 8 out of 10 times. Your JJ however has the same huge advantage over the other pocket pairs, from 10-10 to 2-2.

How to play JJ in different positions

Early: Raising with JJ preflop may not seem like the best idea, but it can actually work to your advantage by allowing you to eliminate the competition early on. You do have to look out for players that raise in earlier position than yours. In that situation, you may be better off giving up your claim to the pot.

Middle: In the middle position, it almost makes perfect sense to go for the pot aggressively with a JJ, unless of course you come up with plenty of resistance. This hand, won’t come around too often, so you may as well make use of it. Keep in mind that winning a small pot is a lot better than losing a big one–a scenario that is certainly possible with JJ. In any case, even if a player ahead of you raises, you have the option to either call or reraise in order to pile on the pressure on your opponent.

Late: If you happen to be the first to enter the pot in late position with a JJ, there is simply no good reason not to raise. In this scenario, you are virtually assured of having no competition for the pot. Raising in this position will take care of any blinds and even if a player ahead of you raises, you still have the option to call or reraise and keep the pressure on your opponent